hi my name is natalie and r5 gives me the giggles (◡‿◡✿)

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I’ve been tagged by: dorkyross


Questions to answer:

1. what’s the first tv show you got totally addicted to?

teen wolf

2. how often do you cry?


3. if you could spend two weeks travelling around the world, what’s the one place you would have to visit?

anywhere in europe, i miss it there so much

4. have you ever had a terrible break up?

never had a boyfriend :(

5. what’s your best school subject?

history or art

6. who did you last have a sleepover with?

i haven’t been at a sleepover in ages

7. what one thing would improve your quality of life (eg. an iphone, a pet, new makeup, ect.)

louder tour r5 concert/vip tickets ((btw currently crying bc vip is sold out in the city where i live))

8. do you tend to enjoy being the centre of attention?

i don’t mind it

9. which fictional character would you go out to dinner with, if you could?

stiles stilinski ♡♡♡

10. is there a song that will always bring you to tears?

!!! yes oh my gosh, breathe me x sia

11. give me a good tv show to start watching c:

i’m giving you more than one because tv shows are my obsession; the vampire diaries, teen wolf, pretty little liars, skins uk, one tree hill, and my mad fat diary


My questions:

1. what is your favorite song at the moment?

2. how many languages do you speak and which are those?

3. summer or winter?

4. if you could describe yourself in three words, what would they be?

5. what are your favorite movies?

6. what kind of fragrance would your blog have, if it were possible?

7. what is your favorite color and why?

8. what are your top 5 fave bands?

9. what was the first album you ever bought?

10. what’s your favorite childhood memory?

11. which country would you like to permanently live in?

i tag all my followers x


Happy 17th Birthday Ry Ry! ♥

Happy 17th Birthday Ry Ry! ♥


#loudertour @rylandr5 BDAY Vancouver


#loudertour @rylandr5 BDAY Vancouver

dorkyross said:
ahhhh thank you for following back uwu

aw no problem cutie (: x

is this a thing now?

is this a thing now?


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